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In seven months of volunteering Denise showed extraordinary capability in her osteopathic work with disadvantaged children and adults in deprived areas of southern Peru. The quality of Denise’s care is reflected both in the respect and admiration earned from the other medical professionals and humanitarian staff with whom she worked.


Dr. Jhonny Meneses, September 2010, Arequipa, Peru.


I have been patient of Denise’s for more than a year. When we started I was recovering from a major illness which necessitated longterm rehabilitation. Every treatment with Denise is such a wonderful experience, she is very professional and also a very kind and warm person. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to go through a difficult time on my recovery journey. I am going to continue to have treatment with Denise to keep my health in the best shape possible.


A.B., October 2011, London, UK.

Registered Osteopath serving the areas of Bayswater, Paddington &  St John’s Wood offering Cranial osteopathy & Gentle osteopathic treatment