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Pregnancy is a physically demanding time for your body. As the baby grows the mother's body needs to accommodate and posture adjust to the increase in size of the abdomen. Back ache and pelvic discomfort are common. Osteopathic treatment may help to alleviate joint and muscle aches and pains. We can assist with advice about exercise and guidance about how to find comfortable ways to sit and to lie down as pregnancy progresses.


Osteopaths also work with mothers after childbirth.


Denise graduated in 1989 and has many years of experience working with patients of all ages including newborns and infants.


Each year she undertakes postgraduate studies including courses focusing on the osteopathic care of children and babies.


Denise has previously worked as a volunteer at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.


An initial 15 minute appointment, free of charge, is available for you to visit and discuss your health issues. These initial consultations may be at one of the clinics or by phone if that is more convenient for you. Telephone 07808 670834 today to book your appointment.

Evening appointments available


Babies and Children  


Registered Osteopath serving the areas of Bayswater, Paddington &  St John’s Wood offering Cranial osteopathy & Gentle osteopathic treatment